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Buy Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro for android Mobile Phone
Life time validity .
Only Pro APK file email to buyer email id with invoice.
Privacy Protection
With the touch of a button you can mark a contact as ‘private’, meaning that no trace of them will appear in contact lists,
SMSs and call logs. Other people using your mobile will only see what you want them to see.
  • Supports contacts from both the onboard memory and SIM cards
  • Password protected

Call & SMS Filter

Are trivial calls or messages distracting you at inopportune moments? Choose which contacts you want to accept calls and messages from.
The Call & SMS Filter can run in whitelist mode (only accepting calls and messages from specified contacts) or in blacklist mode (accepting calls and messages from all numbers except those on the list).

Parental Control

When installed on a child’s mobile, Kaspersky Mobile Security can block outgoing calls or SMSs to undesirable numbers, including premium rate services.
 GPS Find allows you to pinpoint exactly where your child is at any time of the day or night.

Anti-Malware Protection and Firewall

Kaspersky Mobile Security provides everything you need to keep your smartphone protected: realtime protection from malware,
on-demand or scheduled antivirus scans, automatic updates over-the-air, and blocking of dangerous network connections in line with a predefined security level.
·         Locate a lost or stolen smartphone
You can locate a lost or stolen smartphone using the inbuilt GPS Find function.
·         Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access
You can store all your digital assets in encrypted folders and remotely block or wipe your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.
·         Privacy Protection – for your eyes only
You have exclusive control over which of your contacts and phone numbers you want to keep ‘private’. Hide and unhide phonebook entries, SMSs and call logs at the touch of a button.
·         Block unwanted calls or SMSs
You can filter out annoying calls and SMSs by assigning contacts to black lists and white lists.
·         Parental control
You can restrict your children’s calls and SMSs (e.g. block premium rate numbers) and keep track of their whereabouts using GPS Find.
·         Protect your smartphone from malware and network attacks
Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 provides all you need to protect your smartphone from harm, including real-time antimalware scans, automatic
 updates, blocking of dangerous network connections and much more.
Remotely Block your phone if it is lost or stolen. Just send a predefined SMS to your phone and your device will be blocked and no-one will be able to access its contents. You can even choose to remotely Wipe your data.
Set a prearranged message that will be displayed on the screen if the smartphone is blocked, allowing any law-abiding citizen that finds your smartphone to return it to you.
You can locate your smartphone using GPS Find. Just send an SMS with the appropriate password to the missing device and you will receive a link to Google Maps showing the exact location of the device.
The first thing a thief normally does is to remove your smartphone’s SIM card. If the SIM is replaced, SIM Watch will immediately block the device and send you an email with the new number.
Kaspersky Mobile Security runs on smartphones with:


  • an Internet connection
  • one of the following Operating Systems:
    • Android


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